How to make a small space look bigger?

When you are living in a small apartment, you will probably want to find some good ways to make it look bigger. There is a way to do that. Some tips and tricks can help you make a small space look bigger. Here you will learn how. Once one of the moving companies Upper West Side, moves you to your new home, you will want to make your new home the best possible. Having a small apartment in Chicago is normal therefore a lot of people are trying the same, to have their small place look bigger and cozier. So, let’s see what we can do to make a small space look bigger.

Home decoration tips and tricks

When you want to make something look like something that it is not, you don’t need magic, you just need some easy tricks. The same goes for your small apartment. If you want to make it look bigger, there are some things that you can do that can help you with that. Firstly, you can start with the walls. Paint them with bright colors and make some kind of contrast with the furniture and decoration. For example, paint walls white and have a black, or some other dark color decoration in your apartment. That will definitely spruce up the place and make it look bigger.

Make a small space look bigger in no time

It is really easy to make a small space look bigger. With a little effort and some imagination you will make you a small home look not only bigger but also better. Another visual trick that can make your home look bigger has to do with windows and terrace doors. You have guessed it; it is all about the curtains. Not only about the color of the curtains that should also be some clean, bright color, but it is also about their length. What you definitely should not do, is putting a short curtain that perfectly matches with your windows. It should be completely the opposite. Your curtains should be long, from the top to the bottom. This will visually help your small space look bigger.

curtains in the bedroom
Make sure to get some lovely curtains

Go bigger

Moving to Chicago can bring a lot of challenges. One of those challenges is definitely making your small apartment looking bigger. You will do that by going bigger instead of smaller. Confused? Let us explain. This means that you should have bigger furniture and everything else in your home instead of smaller ones. Most people think that when they have a small apartment, they can only have small items inside of it. This is a common mistake. By having bigger closets, and furniture you are actually visually making your place look bigger. Of course, logically you will have less walking space but if you are looking to have a bigger place visually, this is the way to go.

Make your Chicago apartment feel like home

It is very important to make your apartment feel like home. It needs to have that warmth that we are all looking for. A way to make your Chicago apartment home is to have colors, lovely decoration, and anything that you like. However, if bigger is what you are looking for then there are even more tricks than the ones we have mentioned so far. Lightning is so important when it comes to decorating your new home and making it look bigger. Have not only one, but at least a couple of lamps that will light through your lovely place. You will notice the depth that this trick is giving to a room. Any room.

lamp in the room
Lamps will bring light and are a great decoration detail

Provide another perspective

Another trick to make a small place look bigger is by using mirrors. A couple of strategically placed mirrors in a room will make a place not only brighter but bigger as well. One important thing though if you are going by Feng shui rules. Do not have a mirror in your bedroom. You won’t be getting any quality sleep whatsoever. However, if you do get a mirror in your sleeping room, you can always put a scarf over it before you go to bed. Just an idea.

mirror on the wall
Place some mirrors strategically so as to make your apartment look bigger

Make a small space look bigger by simply cleaning it

Ok, so let’s not forget the most important thing that you can do to make your small space look bigger. Before that let’s see the trick we mentioned so far:

  • Paint walls with bright colors
  • Have long curtains
  • Have bigger furniture rather than small
  • Buy lamps
  • Hang mirrors
  • And last but not least, declutter!

This easily can be the most important thing to do when you need to make a small space look bigger. So, make sure to take out all of the things you don’t need anymore. This is very easy, and maybe even fun to do. You can arrange a garage sale, or even better you can donate all of the things you no longer need. Whatever you decide to do, decluttering is definitely one of the best ways to have your apartment, office or whatever other spaces look bigger.

Make sure to use moving services from cross country movers Chicago, and these tips in order to have a bigger looking space. And you are good to go. It is definitely easy and somewhat cheap to do all of this we have mentioned so far. So, with just a little effort and enthusiasm you can make any apartment, no matter how small it is looking bigger and better. Enjoy decorating your place and don’t forget to have fun!

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