Living in smaller spaces like a boss

Sometimes we get into the transition period in our lives and we are forced to downsize. If you have already gone through something like this, you definitely know that living in smaller spaces is possible! However, if you are moving to a smaller space for the first time, you will need storage facilities in suburbs to store your belongings safely. However, today we will help you to adapt and realize that living in smaller spaces can actually be nice and cozy!

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Ways to handle disputes with movers

Although you may have spent days looking for the best, the most professional and most reliable moving company, accidents can always happen. Even to the best. Unfortunately, there are various issues that may happen during the relocation. Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding or a mistake. But, there are cases when the moving company itself is to blame. If you’re thinking about relocation to a new place and you want to know how to handle disputes with movers, check our tips! And if you urgently need a licensed, reputable and affordable moving company, consider hiring Clinton movers and avoid fraudulent movers.

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How to help elderly people relocate long distance

When you find yourself in a situation where you need to help your elderly family member or a close friend to move, the most important way to help is to keep them involved in all decision making. Moving is stressful for everybody, especially for elderly people that depend on you for almost everything. Take a couple of minutes of your time to learn in what way you can help elderly people relocate long distance.

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The ultimate list of moving supplies

Are you getting ready to move? You will have to make a few lists! One of those lists is the list of all of the items that you have in your home and you want to move. Be sure to divide those items according to boxes that they should be packed into. And then, the packing time comes, the longest and the most exhausting part of the moving process. It is highly recommended to hire a suburbs moving company to pack and relocate all of your belongings instead of you. However, if you are planning to pack everything on your own, you will need a lot of moving supplies in order to prepare for packing. Now, let’s create an ultimate list of moving supplies!

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How to remodel an attic tips

Renovating and remodeling unused attic space is not easy. You will need a lot of time and some preparation for a process like this. However, you will get a lovely bedroom, a playroom for your kids, gym or even an office space! But, as you know, many attics are constructed in a way that makes it very expensive and difficult to renovate and remodel and sometimes even impossible. If you have bought a house and you are planning to move soon, you should hire Inwood movers to assist you with the move. If your new house has one, let’s see what are the best ways to remodel an attic!

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Best places to go out in suburbs

Chicago is the best place in America where you can have endless fun whether you’re a teen, an adult or senior. Big Apple offers fun for everyone! Every year the number of tourists who come to visit Chicago is increasing as the range of fun activities and places is becoming wider. Because Chicago is big, you probably want to know where you should go and have fun. The answer is – suburbs. Located on suburbs Island, bounded by the Hudson, East and Harlem rivers, it represents the world’s major cultural and financial center. But, taking a selfie in front of the Empire State Building and on Times Square is not all the fun you can get. Check our list of the best places to go out in suburbs!

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Handling robust furniture when moving out of Chicago

Moving out of Chicago is maybe the hardest when it comes to relocating in the United States. Due to the high costs of living, Chicagoers tend to move more often to other cities with more affordable housing. If you have already decided to move out of Chicago, you know that traffic and high costs can be a real nightmare in Chicago. If handling robust furniture when moving worries you, we have some tips that may ease your relocation. But before we start, if you’re moving out of Chicago, consider hiring professional movers. Robust and heavy furniture is not easy to disassemble, pack and load. You may get hurt. To avoid possible accidents and get some tips, check out the article below. And if you’re moving out of Chicago and you need professional help? Long-distance movers Chicago will help you to relocate your household fast. Forget about troubles in suburbs, and relax with the best service! 

living room
Learn proper lifting techniques!

Handling robust furniture when moving – Dress appropriately

First thing when it comes to moving and handling robust furniture when moving is to dress appropriately. Even if you are experienced and know some lifting techniques, that won’t be enough to protect your body from injuries that handling bulky furniture can cause. This is why it is extremely important to wear protective clothing. You don’t have to buy professional expensive clothing, you can find some on the Internet or second-hand stores. If some of your friends have the equipment and proper clothes you can borrow that. Prepare proper pants, hat, gloves, and sneakers. 

Use the proper equipment and packing supplies

If you have prepared proper clothing for handling robust furniture when moving, it is time to use the proper equipment and packing supplies. Moving big and bulky pieces of furniture is hard and you need the proper equipment. Today we can find a wide range of equipment which allows us to handle heavy furniture that much easier. If you have no experience with tools and equipment, ask experts. We are going to mention the essentials. Sliders are must if you’re doing DIY relocation. They represent plastic pieces which you place under each corner or leg of the piece of furniture you want to relocate. With them, you can glide down the furniture without scratching and damaging the floor. Furniture dollies allow you to place a heavy object on them and then push it with ease. Still, need some help with packing and protecting your robust furniture? Packing services Chicago will deal with those issues easily.

blue couch
Use sliders and place them under each corner or leg of the piece of furniture, glide down the furniture without scratching and damaging the floor.

Disassemble heavy furniture

The next step when it’s about handling robust furniture when moving is to disassemble furniture such as beds, sofa, bookshelves, etc. Many bulky items can be disassembled into smaller pieces when relocating and they become much easier to pack and load. This means you will have to take apart furniture and remove all pieces from drawers, legs, mattress too small pieces. When doing this, it is important to protect your hands and use the right tools. A lot of furniture can be dismantled using simple screwdrivers. Ask your friends to help you deal with it or call professional movers. If you did all this by yourself, make sure you put pieces separately and label the boxes. With a lot of furniture pest problems can occur, so be ready to learn how to pest proof your home!

Handling robust furniture when moving – Moving mattress

Before you deal with handling robust furniture when moving, you should move all cushions, blankets, and mattress from beds and sofas. The mattress is probably the most important item in your bedroom responsible for your good sleep and rest. And if you own special and expensive mattress you need to handle it carefully pay more attention. You surely don’t want to damage it during the move. Hiring movers in Chicago is really expensive so if you decide to relocate it by yourself, buy a heavy-duty plastic mattress bag, which will keep it protected during relocation and from dirt and dust. Most Chicagoers don’t own a car, and if you rent one to make sure you can place it on the top of the car and wrap it good. 

orange sofa
Using proper tools, equipment and clothing, it would be easy to disassemble bulky furniture into smaller pieces and relocate them easily.

Moving a piano

Piano and such heavy instruments are really hard to move. They are really heavy to lift and pack, and also made of sensitive wood and gentle surface. If you want to avoid damages and stretches, use gloves while packing. Handling robust furniture when moving can be easy if you explore useful tips and tricks. Relocating the piano is complicated because the owner and professional movers have to work together. But hiring professional piano movers can cost a fortune. What to do? We’ll reveal a secret to you. Hiring piano movers will cost you more than hiring regular movers for the same job! Mover’s hourly rate is usually from $25 to $40. For a vertical piano, you’ll need 3 movers and up to 6 movers for a grand piano. And if you bring your friends or family members to help, you can reduce that number and costs too!

handling robust furniture when moving piano for example
Don’t have experience with handling robust furniture when moving? Consider hiring professional movers.

Hire movers for packing your heavy furniture

Maybe you think that you can deal easily with handling robust furniture when moving, but be honest, you’re not Superman. If you don’t have experience and you don’t know the proper lifting techniques you may end with serious injuries. In this case, you should check local movers in Chicago and find the most reliable ones. Professional movers have the right equipment and know all lifting techniques so they can easily and fast pack your heavy furniture. Movers in Chicago can easily find a parking lot and load the moving truck. And while hiring professional movers.  Don’t forget to choose the right moving insurance and a bit of knowledge on how to label your boxes properly!


Ideas on how to make your basement livable

Your basement can be used in many ways and not just as storage. However, most of the people use the basement exactly for that, storage! You should know that to make your basement livable is not very easy. Before you start thinking about the design and how to decorate your basement, you should think of the most basic things in order to remodel your basement for living. If you are buying a house that has a basement, you should think of remodeling it as soon as you move in. But first, you will have to hire a mover and figure out what kind of moving services suburbs do you need for the relocation.

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Tips for moving rugs and carpets

Whether you want to renovate your home and buy new rugs and carpets or you want to move to a new home, packing and preparing them for a move is not an easy job at all. If you own rugs and carpets in your home, you may have experience with cleaning, washing, vacuuming. But moving rugs is not just rolling and wrapping. People are often being lazy when it comes to moving rugs, but keep in mind that improperly packing a carpet can only damage and destroy it If you are getting closer to moving day. And you want to take care of your rugs and carpets, and learn how to add value to your home, check our tips!

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Why should you avoid moving companies that use day laborers?

There are a few things to consider when you are moving. You need to know what exactly you have to pay attention to, beware of moving scams or watch out who are you letting inside your home. Moving is hard work and usually, it causes a lot of stress. Planning your relocation is complicated, especially if you are moving long-distance or moving your office. With all that on your mind, you also have to choose a reliable moving company. See how to accomplish that and learn why you should avoid moving companies that use day laborers. It is a big difference and you need to know why exactly that is a risk for you.

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