The ultimate guidelines for moving from suburbs to Queens

If you are about to move, you came to the right place. Living in Chicago does not come easy, but it is rewarding. There is a reason why so many people from all around the world are coming to this awesome city to try out their luck. Moving from suburbs to Queens is not hard, of course, it is different, but you are still in Chicago, so you are familiar with its ways. However, there are some differences between suburbs and Queens, and that is exactly what we will discuss now. How to handle moving from suburbs to Queens?

With a few easy steps, you will be ready. Keep in mind that moving, in general, is stressful, so there will be ups and down’s because moving from suburbs to Queens is a process. Remember though, that all comes easier if you have professionals like Chinatown movers to help you. Continue reading “The ultimate guidelines for moving from suburbs to Queens”

Relocating as a single parent from Chicago

If you have a kid, and you are about to move from Chicago, you came to the right place. Here we will try and give you some pointers, tips, and tricks if you will, on how relocating as a single parent can go, well, not easy, but easier then you thought. Firstly, by hiring the right long distance movers Chicago, you are halfway there. So, what can you do to make this move easier, for you and your kid? Stay tuned. Continue reading “Relocating as a single parent from Chicago”

Tips for beating the post Chicago move blues

Moving to a new house means you will probably survive an emotional roller-coaster. Any type of move brings a lot of stress, joy, excitement and other different emotions. Most people feel the moving blues at some point, no matter how eager you felt about moving at first. Beating the post Chicago move blues is not as hard as it seems and it is possible with the following tips. Continue reading “Tips for beating the post Chicago move blues”

Clean your Chicago home after the relocation

Decorating and arranging furniture after moving is the most exciting part. You may be impatient, but before enjoying your new home and the charms of Chicago City, don’t forget to clean your Chicago home after the relocation. A home without dust, dirt and mess is the nicest and the most enjoyable home. Check our tips and clean your home fast and efficiently. Long distance movers Chicago have the best equipment and experienced employees to help you relocate your household safely and fast to the Big Apple. Continue reading “Clean your Chicago home after the relocation”

Best ways to find reliable moving company

Finding reliable moving company for your move is very important but not an easy task. There are many different moving companies around the internet and they all look genuine online. However, that is certainly not the case. And it would be fair to say that it has become pretty hard to find a reliable moving service suburbs in recent years. Fraudulent moving companies are taking advantage of this situation, where there are not enough moving companies to satisfy their needs. And laws and regulations regarding the moving industry are not adequate for the current situation. But not only are fraudulent companies a problem, but also sloppy and irresponsible companies. There are so many clients, and they are rushing to get more work done.  So, if you want to find a reliable moving company you will need to do some research. Continue reading “Best ways to find reliable moving company”

Top sports bars in Chicago to check out

Oh, there is so much to choose from, if you are a fan of sports and eating and drinking at the same time. Depending on the chosen sport, you can pick some of the top sports bars in Chicago and enjoy great food and atmosphere with like-minded people. It can be a relaxed place that serves barbecue or it can be a more fancy place to spend your game night. When you are moving to Chicago from some other city, you will soon realize that it is a heaven for sports fans. Find excellent packing services Chicago and wait no more to move here.  Continue reading “Top sports bars in Chicago to check out”

Speeding up the moving process out of Chicago

Every person goes through the moving process at least a few times in their lives. During the moving process, you will have to prepare properly in advance. However, sometimes we are forced to move in a short period of time. If you follow the instructions for speeding up the moving process you will have a fast and smooth move. But, if you want to avoid unnecessary stress, hiring cross country movers Chicago is highly recommended. Continue reading “Speeding up the moving process out of Chicago”

How to protect wooden furniture when moving from Chicago

It doesn’t really matter if you have wooden furniture that is antique or a new one, you need to know what type of protection to use and how to protect wooden furniture when moving. Supply with proper packing materials, because wooden furniture is more sensitive than other pieces of furniture and it can be damaged during transport and loading in the moving truck. Don’t feel intimidated because there are a few simple tips that you can use to safely move your wooden furniture.

Continue reading “How to protect wooden furniture when moving from Chicago”

Handling robust furniture when moving out of Chicago

Moving out of Chicago is maybe the hardest when it comes to relocating in the United States. Due to the high costs of living, Chicagoers tend to move more often to other cities with more affordable housing. If you have already decided to move out of Chicago, you know that traffic and high costs can be a real nightmare in Chicago. If handling robust furniture when moving worries you, we have some tips that may ease your relocation. But before we start, if you’re moving out of Chicago, consider hiring professional movers. Robust and heavy furniture is not easy to disassemble, pack and load. You may get hurt. To avoid possible accidents and get some tips, check out the article below. And if you’re moving out of Chicago and you need professional help? Long-distance movers Chicago will help you to relocate your household fast. Forget about troubles in suburbs, and relax with the best service! 

living room
Learn proper lifting techniques!

Handling robust furniture when moving – Dress appropriately

First thing when it comes to moving and handling robust furniture when moving is to dress appropriately. Even if you are experienced and know some lifting techniques, that won’t be enough to protect your body from injuries that handling bulky furniture can cause. This is why it is extremely important to wear protective clothing. You don’t have to buy professional expensive clothing, you can find some on the Internet or second-hand stores. If some of your friends have the equipment and proper clothes you can borrow that. Prepare proper pants, hat, gloves, and sneakers. 

Use the proper equipment and packing supplies

If you have prepared proper clothing for handling robust furniture when moving, it is time to use the proper equipment and packing supplies. Moving big and bulky pieces of furniture is hard and you need the proper equipment. Today we can find a wide range of equipment which allows us to handle heavy furniture that much easier. If you have no experience with tools and equipment, ask experts. We are going to mention the essentials. Sliders are must if you’re doing DIY relocation. They represent plastic pieces which you place under each corner or leg of the piece of furniture you want to relocate. With them, you can glide down the furniture without scratching and damaging the floor. Furniture dollies allow you to place a heavy object on them and then push it with ease. Still, need some help with packing and protecting your robust furniture? Packing services Chicago will deal with those issues easily.

blue couch
Use sliders and place them under each corner or leg of the piece of furniture, glide down the furniture without scratching and damaging the floor.

Disassemble heavy furniture

The next step when it’s about handling robust furniture when moving is to disassemble furniture such as beds, sofa, bookshelves, etc. Many bulky items can be disassembled into smaller pieces when relocating and they become much easier to pack and load. This means you will have to take apart furniture and remove all pieces from drawers, legs, mattress too small pieces. When doing this, it is important to protect your hands and use the right tools. A lot of furniture can be dismantled using simple screwdrivers. Ask your friends to help you deal with it or call professional movers. If you did all this by yourself, make sure you put pieces separately and label the boxes. With a lot of furniture pest problems can occur, so be ready to learn how to pest proof your home!

Handling robust furniture when moving – Moving mattress

Before you deal with handling robust furniture when moving, you should move all cushions, blankets, and mattress from beds and sofas. The mattress is probably the most important item in your bedroom responsible for your good sleep and rest. And if you own special and expensive mattress you need to handle it carefully pay more attention. You surely don’t want to damage it during the move. Hiring movers in Chicago is really expensive so if you decide to relocate it by yourself, buy a heavy-duty plastic mattress bag, which will keep it protected during relocation and from dirt and dust. Most Chicagoers don’t own a car, and if you rent one to make sure you can place it on the top of the car and wrap it good. 

orange sofa
Using proper tools, equipment and clothing, it would be easy to disassemble bulky furniture into smaller pieces and relocate them easily.

Moving a piano

Piano and such heavy instruments are really hard to move. They are really heavy to lift and pack, and also made of sensitive wood and gentle surface. If you want to avoid damages and stretches, use gloves while packing. Handling robust furniture when moving can be easy if you explore useful tips and tricks. Relocating the piano is complicated because the owner and professional movers have to work together. But hiring professional piano movers can cost a fortune. What to do? We’ll reveal a secret to you. Hiring piano movers will cost you more than hiring regular movers for the same job! Mover’s hourly rate is usually from $25 to $40. For a vertical piano, you’ll need 3 movers and up to 6 movers for a grand piano. And if you bring your friends or family members to help, you can reduce that number and costs too!

handling robust furniture when moving piano for example
Don’t have experience with handling robust furniture when moving? Consider hiring professional movers.

Hire movers for packing your heavy furniture

Maybe you think that you can deal easily with handling robust furniture when moving, but be honest, you’re not Superman. If you don’t have experience and you don’t know the proper lifting techniques you may end with serious injuries. In this case, you should check local movers in Chicago and find the most reliable ones. Professional movers have the right equipment and know all lifting techniques so they can easily and fast pack your heavy furniture. Movers in Chicago can easily find a parking lot and load the moving truck. And while hiring professional movers.  Don’t forget to choose the right moving insurance and a bit of knowledge on how to label your boxes properly!


How to get back some of the money spent on relocation

Moving can put quite a toll on your finances. Even the smallest moving task that you have overlooked can spiral into a huge expense. That is why great planning and organization are so important to the entire process. When you have your moving budget realistically set, it is quite possible to follow it throw. However, there’s no reason not to save or get back some of the money spent on relocation when that’s possible. You just need to know how, and this guide is here to help you with that.

Continue reading “How to get back some of the money spent on relocation”

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