The ultimate guidelines for moving from suburbs to Queens

If you are about to move, you came to the right place. Living in Chicago does not come easy, but it is rewarding. There is a reason why so many people from all around the world are coming to this awesome city to try out their luck. Moving from suburbs to Queens is not hard, of course, it is different, but you are still in Chicago, so you are familiar with its ways. However, there are some differences between suburbs and Queens, and that is exactly what we will discuss now. How to handle moving from suburbs to Queens?

With a few easy steps, you will be ready. Keep in mind that moving, in general, is stressful, so there will be ups and down’s because moving from suburbs to Queens is a process. Remember though, that all comes easier if you have professionals like Chinatown movers to help you.

Moving from suburbs to Queens- what is different?

So, when you are moving from one borough to another in Chicago, there are some things that will definitely be different. Yes, it is the same city still, but differences are inevitable. Chicago has five boroughs:

Fun fact about Queens is that this borough is the biggest out of five. So, you are definitely moving to a bigger borough. That is the first difference between suburbs and Queens. When we are talking about the things you will have to get used to in your new borough, we have to mention the good stuff first. Do not be sad because you are moving away from suburbs, there are actually more reasons to be happy.


As we already mentioned Queens is the biggest borough in Chicago. However, this is not the only fun fact about Queens, but there is also more. For example, there are a lot of celebrities that are coming from this borough. Jesse Eisenberg, Ray Romano, Adrien Brody, etc. All the bad things you may have heard about Queens you may as well forget. Queens has changed a lot in the past few years, the same as Brooklyn. These boroughs, ones famous for bad things, like drive-by shootings and similar are now becoming the IT boroughs. That is why you may notice that everything is becoming a bit more expensive than before. Since you are coming from suburbs, this will probably go unnoticed to you.

The main difference between Queens and suburbs

Let´s talk about some of the main differences between Queens and suburbs. By knowing and being aware of these differences you will be more able to get ready to move. Moving from suburbs to Queens means that your life will be cheaper. This is a fact. No matter how much Queens and other boroughs are becoming popular among the millennials, it will always be more budget-friendly than suburbs. This is the main difference, that you will feel from the first day in a new borough.

Living in suburbs is much more expensive

Going out in suburbs, and going out in Queens is not the same in a financial way. Also, buying a cup of coffee is not the same experience. Not to mention rents. Now we have arrived at the most important difference between these two boroughs. Paying rent for a studio apartment in Queens is actually possible. Also, chances are that the studio apartment you are renting in Queens is actually a studio apartment, and not some little room, transformed into an apartment. So, by moving from suburbs to Queens you are actually making your life somewhat better. In a financial way at least.

Size of the two boroughs

As we have already mentioned, Queens is the biggest borough in Chicago. This means one thing. You cannot walk to work. Except of course, if you are that lucky to have found an apartment close to your work. Let´s suppose you didn´t. suburbs is way smaller than Queens and you can use taxi, subway, you can also walk because chances are that you will be able to. Since Queens is a huge borough you will definitely have to use the subway system or Uber, Taxi, whatever you like. But you have to keep in mind that this is a way of life in Queens. However, if you need to travel from Queens to suburbs by using the subway, you can be there in a matter of half an hour. That good is the connection between the boroughs.

Crime rate

Unfortunately, crimes are happening everywhere, and every day. It seems like no one is safe. However, if you are asking about the crime rates since you are moving from suburbs to Queens, then you ought to know that even if once Queens was way more famous for crimes happening there, now all of that has changed. We are not saying that crimes have stopped, but there is definitely a difference in crime rates nowadays and crime rates a few years ago. Officially, the crime rate is lower in suburbs.

Pulaski bridge in Queens
Queens has become one of the safest Chicago boroughs

Moving in general

Now that you know the main difference between Queens and suburbs, you are more prepared for this move. Keep in mind that moving is not only about getting to know your new neighborhood, it is also about packing and transportation. That is why it is important not to forget cheap storage suburbs for all of the items you don´t want to move to Queens, but you don´t want to sell them or give them away. Good storage is definitely the solution.

storage units
Storage units are great for all the things you do not need at the moment

Moving from one borough to another in Chicago is not really a big deal. You are still in Chicago. And yes, there may be some differences, but nothing that you cannot get used to. So, good luck with your move, and one more thing – Queens is awesome!

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