Things that may happen when moving in with your best friend

Are you moving in with your best friend soon? Congratulations! However, there are some things that may happen when you do so! Read our guide to find out what exactly! So, without any further ado, let us see more about them!

Moving in with your best friend – what to do?

Sometimes moving in with your best friend is worse than all of the common moving day mistakes. It is different to be best friends and to live together. However, it might not be so bad, if you can do the following:

  • Find middle ground. Even though you are best friends, you will eventually fight over something. Dishes, laundry and other small things might cause some problems. You might think that it was not the best time to move out of your parents’ home, after all. However, finding middle ground will solve all your problems, believe us. It will be much better that way. Try to work out all the things that bother both of you, and you will be good!
  • Move with a moving company. A moving company will help both of you move in, that is a known fact. Feel free to contact Upper East Side Moving Company for anything you might need concerning the move. Trust us, it will be a life-saver!

Additional information

Even though you are best friends, living together might become a problem for both of you. However, if you try to work on fixing small things and details, it will not be so bad. For example, doing things together can even strengthen your friendship! Look for household items on Amazon, for example and see what works the best for you. Moving in with your best friend might not be so bad after all, right?

A moving company might help you with anything you need concerning your move

You should also consider getting some storage in advance. Check out some suburbs storage options before you do anything. You might find out that your storage is lacking or that you need more. This way, you will avoid all the unnecessary things concerning the move. Think in advance!

Moving in with your best friend – how to do it?

The best thing would be to find a place you both like. You know each other for a long time and you know yourselves perfectly, right? The best idea behind this would be to keep both parties happy. Always try to find balance in anything, trust us, you will see that it works best. If one side prevails when small things are concerned even the other will not be satisfied. This way, some issues might occur and you might end your friendship over an empty soda can.

two friends having a drink
Try to find the middle ground when you are moving in with your best friend

Try to avoid things like this and try to think about what the other person would prefer. Trust us, it will be the best thing for both of you!


Overall, moving in with your best friend might not be as easy as you thought. Moreover, some minor things might end the relationship. However, you should always focus on the positive and you should always make sure both sides are happy. Only by doing this will both of you have a happy move! Good luck!

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