5 Ways to reuse your moving boxes

Moving boxes are very useful for any move. However, some people just discard them away after using them once. We believe that this is a mistake, thus, we have prepared a short guide with 5 ways to reuse your moving boxes. Hope you find it useful and that you end up using at least some of them!

two gift boxes
Make a present box out of your moving box!

Three best ways to reuse your moving boxes

We are certain that there are more than five ways to reuse your moving boxes, but we will focus only on the most common ones. So, some of the best ways to do it are:

  • Use them again. This is the most common use. Why put them away in suburbs storage units when you can use them again and again? Keep them close, who knows when they might be of use!
  • Use them as storage. Another common use for moving boxes is to use them as temporary storage. The boxes are great and they can serve as storage for the time being. For example, you can pack your clothes for moving and let them sit there until you get a wardrobe. It is up to you!
  • Lend them or sell them. You will be surprised how many people are looking for moving boxes. Instead of ordering them from moving boxes suburbs or someplace else, they can borrow or buy them from you! Win-win situation, isn’t it?

Two more ways:

Usually people go for the three aforementioned ways to reuse their moving boxes. However, there are two more as well:

  • Use the materials. Sometimes, moving boxes can come in various materials like hard cardboard or even plastic. You can reuse the materials for something that you might need. Making something out of cardboard is one of the best ways of beating the post Chicago move. Let your imagination decide!
Star-Wars-themed cardboard boxes
Reuse your moving boxes by making something out of them
  • Ask a moving company about them. In the end, you can ask your moving company to help you out with your extra moving boxes. For example, what would be the best way to reuse them. Who knows, maybe they come up with some interesting ideas!

Why should you reuse your moving boxes?

Well, first of all, moving boxes can be very useful. The obvious choice is that you should reuse them instead of buying new ones. Make the most out of your purchase, even if it means that you will turn your moving box into a dollhouse for your daughter. Remember, it is up to you how you use them. The aforementioned ways are only a few out of many more you can come up with. Let your imagination get the best of you – you might even end up profiting!

A moving company worker with some moving boxes
You can even sell them back to some moving companies!


Overall, moving boxes can be reused in many shapes and forms. We have listed only the most common ones, but who knows what other ways you can come up with to reuse your moving boxes? Whether or not you decide to use them again, rent them or simply use them as storage, you should know that they have uses other than for your move. Use this to your advantage and have fun with your boxes!

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