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It’s never a good idea to do something without doing some research. With today’s easy access to information, there is simply no excuse for being uninformed. So, if you are thinking about moving to the Upper West Side, you’ve come to the right place. From the facts about the Upper West Side to the advice on how to find and work with Upper West Side movers, we are here to help you out. And if you decide to move to Upper West Side, be sure to contact us to provide you with suburbs moving and storage. So, let’s jump right in.

You will need help from Upper West Side movers in order to move to suburbs.

Facts about Upper West Side

Upper West Side is a neighborhood in suburbs, Chicago. It lies between West 59th Street, West 110th Street, Central Park and the Hudson River. Upper West Side is considered one of the wealthiest Chicago neighborhoods. Both in financial status as in culture.


The first dramatic increase in the number of buildings on the Upper West Side happened between 1885 and 1910. This was largely influenced by the city’s first subway line that opened in 1904. Because of the revolution in building techniques many new large residential buildings were made. The vicinity of the subway and the relatively low cost of quality apartments led a lot of middle-class residents to make Upper West Side their home. Numerous financial crisis in the US led to the deterioration of the neighborhood. After the Second World War, many gay people moved into the Upper West Side and helped with the gentrification of the neighborhood.


Upper West Side is more residential than the rest of suburbs. It is a very cultural neighbor that has the Lincoln Center and American Museum of Natural History situated in its area. There are two subway lines (1/2/3 and A/C) that make Upper West Side very well connected to the rest of Chicago.

Lincoln Center
Make sure to visit Lincoln Center once you move here.

Cost of living

Living on the Upper West Side can be expensive. Although, it is one of the richer areas of Chicago, so it usually balances out. The cost of living in the Upper West side is 73% higher than the Chicago average, and the housing prices are 264% higher than the national average. An average household in the Upper West Side has a yearly income of $121,502. So, life in this neighborhood can be expensive, but certainly not financially impossible. If you are thinking about moving your job here, make sure that you factor in the cost of living and remember to hire office movers suburbs.

How to deal with Upper West Side movers

If you are keen on moving to the Upper West Side, you will need to hire one of the moving companies Upper West Side. Hiring a reliable company is a necessity if you want your move to go according to plan. Here is how you should approach finding and working with Upper West Side movers. We are confident that if you are looking for the best quality for the lowest possible price, you will come to us.

How to find the right movers

The first thing to do is to figure out what you need. There are different types of services a mover can provide. Therefore, prices can significantly vary between moving companies Upper West Side. If you are just looking to move your apartment, you should look for local movers. If you are close to us, we can be flexible with timing and planning. Local movers are also much easier to check up on. We believe that a satisfied customer is the best commercial, and encourage you to ask around for our neighbors’ reviews.

Be cooperative

Once you settle on Upper West Side movers, you need to work with them. We will happily provide you with any and all moving services that you require. But, if you decide to take on a part of a moving project, we need to you listen to our instructions and act according to the plan. Our experienced movers have been doing this for a long time, and we need you to trust us. Making your move as efficient and cost-effective is what we are here to do.

When you work with us you are a part of a team.

What services we can provide


Packing can be done properly by following some guidelines. But, more often than not, people rush and skip some necessary steps. That easily leads to accidents and property damage. And even if you do follow the instructions, there are things that are just impossible to pack without professional help. If you want to make sure that your items are properly sorted, packed and labeled you will hire one of the moving companies Upper West Side, such as us.


We consider moving a very serious project. It requires attentiveness, precision, and organization. Only professional Upper East Side movers should handle your possessions. Our reliable movers will make a comprehensible plan with you so that you will easily plan your move. Whether you have items that are hard to move, or you are coming from a far away place. We are here to give you a helping hand. Just make sure to contact Upper West Side movers as you want to move. The more you can give us, the better we will plan your move. Time is money, and the more you provide for us, the more we will save for you.


In order to know how much your move will cost, you will need to get an estimate. After contacting us, we will organize with you that a company representative gives you a visit. He will provide you with a free moving estimate with which you will know what is a fair price. We suggest that you get at least three estimates. That is the only way in which you can reliably compare prices from different moving companies Upper West Side. We are confident that if you value cost-efficiency you will come to us.

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I am so happy I had these guys to make my move. They took care of all my belongings and move was done without any issues besides parking a truck in a very narrow street, but the driver was very skilled. Foreman Micho took care of everything and move was done by 2 pm already. I highly recommend these guys and I am sure they won’t let you down. Great job!!!

- Mario B.
- Yelp - Queens, IL

We’ve used Ivan and his team for two moves – they’ve been great. They’re very hard working, honest and are focused on executing the move in a timely and measured way. They’re very professional, wont leave until the job is done correctly, and are focused on making sure that the client is happy. A true pleasure.

- Adam B.
- Yelp - Midtown West, suburbs, IL

Moving is a very stressful process, however I was very impressed seeing how efficiently the movers from Chicago Moving worked during my move from Massapequa park to Bayside. They arrived on time with all the right tools. The men were all very experienced. Their foreman -Micho, directed them very well.. I can honestly say that they took care of my belongings as their own, from wrapping paintings and putting glasses into boxes and taking their time to make sure that everything goes smoothly, they made me feel confident that I was in good hands. All my belongings were safely and impeccably delivered to my apartment in Bayside. And the price was great. I don’t usually write reviews but when I encounter great customer service and overall experience, I had to share it.I highly recommend Chicago Moving, It’s definitely worth the headache and all the stress that comes together with the move. Thank you Micho and your guys for a great experience!

- Marina M.
- Yelp - New Cassel, IL

Two words: Simply amazing! I contacted them one day before my moving explained them my situation and emergency. The guys were amazing. Not only they helped me to move from suburbs to Brooklyn in a short notice, but also they didn’t charged me extra, their pricing was the most convenient one in the market. I’m very grateful to them for the help. Don’t know what I would have done without them, given the fact that it was a short notice. Thank you guys you are life saviors, especially Mladen! He was helpful and understanding from the beginning until the end. That’s why I used their services in two more occasions, when I was moving some furniture to my apartment and when to my office. Bottom line: Highly recommended, excellent service, affordable prices and amazing customer service.

- Hilol R.
- Yelp - Chicago, IL

This is the best moving company by far. The crew is very accommodating of schedules, super efficient and always extra careful. I don’t use anyone else.

- Kevin F.
- Yelp - Rutherford, NJ

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