Cheap ways to remodel a living room

Your living room needs remodeling and your budget is very small after moving. Don’t despair. There are creative and incredibly cheap ways to remodel a living room! Whether you own a big or a small living room, you can try tricks to make them look bigger and more luxurious. We’ll show you some easy and cheap ways to deal with living room remodeling on a budget. You can hire Upper West Side movers to safely pack and relocate your living room furniture and let you finish remodeling process without stress.

Painting walls – the most affordable and effective way to remodel a living room

Painting walls is the most affordable and the most effective way to remodel a living room. This is a very cheap move but represents a big change. You can paint all walls or choose one wall to paint in different colors to make the living room more unique. But, choose the colors wisely. The deeper the tone, the cozier the living room will be. Try to add contrasting colors above and below, such as dark grey below with a white tone above. You can make it more luxurious by using painter’s tape to create a line 3 feet from the floor. Need some extra space for storing your furniture while you’re remodeling a living room? Check storage facilities in suburbs and choose the best for you.

Create and hang your own paintings

Paintings and pictures are an inevitable part of living room decoration. But if you want to remodel a living room, that doesn’t mean you need to buy expensive huge paintings. Instead of buying art, you can buy blank canvases and create your own abstract painting! Take your favorite watercolors and a brush and draw lines, splash colors around, make geometric shapes or simply splatter colors to create modern effect. You can also ask your family members to make a print of their hands on canvas and create a beautiful memory you can hang in a new living room. And if you want to remodel and sell a beach house, you can discover how to add value to your beach house with ease.

a painting
To redecorate a living room and make it look luxurious, you don’t have to buy expensive art. Use watercolors and draw abstract patterns.

Replace or refresh a door

Don’t try to leave old door once you start to remodel a living room. Imagine a new living room with a damaged door that make terrible noise when someone enters. If replacing the door is not on your budget, you can refresh your old door. You can paint and varnish the wood parts, and put on a new fancy handle on it. You can find stylish handles with a starting price of $30. While painting your door and walls check tips for moving rugs and carpets in order not to damage them during renovation.

Change cracked tiles

If you want to remodel a living room, but not change the flooring, you better don’t start at all. There is nothing uglier than old flooring and cracked tiles. But refreshing the flooring doesn’t have to be an expensive move. Hiding cracked floor under the rug can only damage your new rug and you will hear noise while walking around. Vinyl tiles or wooden laminates are cost-effective and cheap flooring remodeling options. They can be easily installed on top of your existing tile or cement finish so you can finish remodeling fast and cheap!

tiles in a living room
New flooring or removing cracked tiles can make a huge and beautiful change to your living room.

Create an illusion of extra space

If you were thinking that remodeling a living room on a budget is impossible, you were wrong. This especially refers to people who own a small living room. They can make a huge change just by creating an illusion of extra space. You can remodel a living room by creating more space with simple techniques. The first step is painting a ceiling white and you’ll see how vast and less claustrophobic space look like. The second step is buying an area rug that is bigger. Make sure there are up to 20 inches of bare floor space between the edges of the rug and the walls. Adding a large chandelier will capture the eye and make the room feel larger.

furniture in a living room
Illusion of extra space is the best and most effective change you can make if you have a small living room space.

Choose modern details for a living room

The secret is in details. If you need to remodel a living room on a budget, take time to explore cheap and effective details. Accessories and details are the easiest and most effective ways to remodel a living room. Just a few modern faux fur pillows or blanket with geometric print can add modern note to your space. Soft rugs in nude colors, fabric lampshades, picture frames with small bulbs, fringed sofa, minimalistic looking furniture are details that make big change.

Layer rugs

New and layered rugs are a great way to remodel a living room with a limited budget. Although rugs and carpets are not such cheap details, their purchase and a few details can already make a big change in your living room space. Besides, you can find affordable area rugs at big box stores and discount home shops. Try out this trick: use a fancier large rug to anchor a room’s furnishings and put a fancier, small one on top to create a layer. Your living room will look more stylish and cozy instantly.

Add synthetic sheepskin rug under sofa

Synthetic sheepskin rugs and faux fur pieces are the best details you can add after you remodel a living room. They are cheap, but look so luxurious and beautiful! They are easy to clean and made of high-quality materials, so they can last long. You can find them in various colors and shapes with a starting price of $20! Just search for these pieces on the Internet and you’ll see how popular they are in today’s interior design ideas. You can place them on furniture or just put it around the sofa.

sunglasses and a book on the faux fur rug
Faux fur rugs and synthetic sheepskin pieces placed on the floor or around sofa will add instant fresh and chic look to your living room.

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