Tips for moving in with a roommate

Living with a roommate has its advantages and downsides, as well. You won’t be feeling alone, so it is important to live with somebody with whom you feel comfortable. Moving in with a roommate will be easier if you know what to consider to find the right person.

What to consider before moving in with a roommate?

Moving in with a roommate isn’t always easy as it may sound. Actually, it is always hard to choose a roommate. Choosing the right roommate is almost like choosing the right upper east side moving company. You need to find the person that suits you best.  In case you have recently moved, before you decide who is the right fit for you, consider the following:

  • How clean and tidy is this person 
  • Will they invite friends often
  • What are their living habits
  • Do they have a job
  • If  they have any pets
  • If they smoke

Everything above will affect your life and daily routine. Finding the right roommate can be almost like getting a new friend if you are lucky enough. 

But, if you want to live in peace with another person, you need to check their habits, besides their references. Moving is a stressful process and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Hiring a reliable moving company Inwood is only the begging of your relocation. These tips will help you that the rest of your moving process goes as smoothly as possible.

Moving in with a roommate can be messy

If you are a tidy and organized person it is probably essential to have roommates with similar habits. You will have a lot of work with cleaning after you move in. The mess is overwhelming for an organized person. So check how often your potential roommate usually cleans his/her place. This will help you know what to expect before moving in. If they clean often, that is daily or weekly, it is a good sign. 

How often will your friends come over?

This is another thing to know when you are choosing a roommate. If you don’t like crowds, then you better make sure that your future roommate feels the same. If they have a large family or a lot of close friends, they will probably come by often.

Friend having drinks
Too many people coming too often is disturbing for solitary persons

Moving in with a roommate who owns a pet

If you are a pet-loving person, this may be great for you. Otherwise, it could be a nightmare. Especially if you don’t like dogs or cats. Don’t forget to ask if they have any other small friends who will be living with you too.

Cat on the floor
If you don’t want any pets, ask before you move in

Smoking or non-smoking roommate?

This should be on top of your list if you don’t smoke. You don’t want your place to smell like an ashtray. Because it will if somebody smokes inside all the time. If you are moving in with a roommate who smokes, you could agree that they don’t smoke in common areas. This might work just fine.

Cigarette smoke is annoying when you are moving in with a roommate who smokes
Cigarette smoke is one of the most annoying things for a non-smoker

When you have considered a very important habit or their lifestyle, don’t forget to ask about their job. If they are working, there won’t be any problems with paying the rent. 

In the end, moving with a roommate can be fun. It is best if you can move in with one of your close friends. Before you start to search, you could ask your friends if they want to move in with a roommate. 

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