Post-graduation decluttering – what to get rid of

So, you just graduated from college? Congratulations, you’ve made a final step into adulthood. The first thing that you should do is to get rid of the clutter that you’ve accumulated before your college years. Post-graduation decluttering is necessary, especially if you’re moving back to your hometown or to another city in the search for the amazing business opportunity. With these tips and tricks, you can do it quickly and easy.

First of all, find a new place to live

Graduating from college means that you’ll have to move out of the dorm. If you lived in the other housing option, you will still have to move, unless if you’re staying in the same city.
Most graduates move back to their parent’s house for a while. It’s a good strategy if you need a place to stay while you look for your new home.

Still, the comfort of your childhood home can be so comforting that you can prolong starting your independent life.
Not to mention that your family has created a new living dynamic while you were away. While you will always be welcome, it is best to find a new place to live before or just after you finish your studies.

Research the features of the city that interest you

Younger generations are much more proactive and they move more often than the older ones. In the search for the better future, post-graduates don’t hesitate to move across the country. While post-graduation decluttering is one of the basic steps of such relocation, before you start with the moving tasks, make sure that you choose the right city.

Your new home has to have great job opportunities, but also the features that suit all your needs. A good idea will be to visit it for a few days and then make a final decision about relocation. If you think that you can be happy there, then all its left is to call your reputable long distance movers suburbs and start planning your move.

Don’t stretch more than you can afford

When you’re fresh out of college, your financial funds will dictate the housing option that you’ll choose. The common choice is renting a smaller apartment in some interesting neighborhood.
Still, you have to think about affordability. Even if the reason for your move to a certain city is the new job that you get, make sure that your incomes are enough to cover the living expenses.

You will maybe have to sacrifice comfort in order to live in the hip part of town. Or you’ll have to choose a bigger home at the cost of location. If you stay within your budget and accept the fact that you will need to make some compromises, you can find a new place to live that will suit most of your desires. Also, consider finding a roommate – that can be very beneficial to your finances. If you know a college buddy that’s searching for a place to live in the same city, even better. It is easier to have a roommate when you’re fresh out of college. Especially the one that is already your friend.

Two man playing video game.
It can be so much fun to share an apartment with your friend.

Post-graduation decluttering – why is necessary?

Most post-graduates choose the small studio apartments that are located in a vibrant neighborhood and close to their work.

Since the cities that are perfect for young professionals are full of amazing entertainment options, this is a great strategy, since you’ll be out most of the day. Still, living in the small unit means that you’ll have to take post-graduation decluttering seriously.

Smaller homes with too many stuff are uncomfortable. You will feel suffocated by clutter if you have too many household items.

Women regreting because she didn't do post-graduation decluttering properly.
Living in constant clutter isn’t a productive or inspiring environment that a young person needs.

Taking a minimalistic approach to decorating your new apartment is the best way to go. It is also a trick to make your apartment appear bigger.

Successful post-graduation decluttering means that you will only move the things that you really can’t live without. If you’re staying in your hometown, you can leave the rest of your stuff in the family home.

Still, when you’re moving far away from it, you will need some items that you maybe don’t have room to store in your new small apartment. Like seasonal clothes or sports equipment. Luckily, that’s why storage units exist.

Bicycle can also be one of the things to keep in storage unit after the your post-graduation decluttering.
A storage unit is a perfect place to keep your bicycle or other items that you use occasionally.

In cities like Chicago, most people are keeping their items safe in the storage units. There are excellent storage facilities in suburbs and any other neighborhood. Choose the one that is close to your home and easily accessible. Renting of the storage unit is pretty affordable on a monthly basis and it will help you a lot with your post-graduation decluttering.

How to execute post-graduation decluttering properly?

If you are currently staying at your parent’s home, there will be a lot of things around you that reminds you of childhood. You will be tempted to relocate most of them to your new home. Fight that urge, because it will only clutter your new home.
When you’re doing post-graduation decluttering, you will have to go through your things carefully.

Separate your items on the three piles:

  • Trash pile
    That Walkman that doesn’t work from 1999 has no place in your new home. Or anywhere for that matter. If you didn’t fix it by now, it is only collecting dust and cluttering your room. Same goes for all other items that are damaged beyond repair. Post-graduation decluttering is perfect for getting rid of all the items that are broken.
  • Sell/donate pile
    Any item that you haven’t used for a year or two, you won’t be using in the future either. Also, there is certainly some clothes at the bottom of your closet that you can’t even imagine wearing again. All the items that are in good shape, but you know that you won’t be using ever again, you can donate to a local charity. Or make a garage sale and make some money out of them.
  • Things for relocation
    This pile should contain only the items that you are 100% certain that you’ll be using in the new home.

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