How to identify rogue Clinton movers?

Relocating to suburbs soon? If you haven’t already found a reliable Clinton moving company, now it’s high time! We have prepared a list of the most frequent signs of rogue Clinton movers, to help you relocate your household safely! Follow our tips and avoid moving scams.

What are the signs of rogue Clinton movers?

There are many ways to recognize rogue Clinton movers. When moving to Chicago, the following signs can help you identify them and choose a reliable suburbs moving company:

  • bad communication with customers
  • nonexistent/unknown online and physical address
  • lot of bad customer reviews
  • frequent name switch
  • no license
  • blank moving contract
  • hidden costs and unreal prices
  • missing a bill of lading
  • blank trucks
  • moving insurance doesn’t exist
  • day laborers instead of professional movers

Bad communication

The first obvious sign of rogue Clinton movers is a bad communication with customers. Professional movers must have a clear answer to all your questions. They should inform you about all the details and moving services. Besides, they need to explain the estimation process. Further, they’ll have to give you terms and conditions for signing the moving contract as well.

woman being stressed
Bad communication with movers as well as poorly explained services, are a sign of potential fraud

Another way to avoid moving scam is to know the difference between binding and non-binding moving estimate.

Nonexistent or unknown online and physical address

Rogue Clinton movers will hide their real location from you. Rogue movers just display their services through advertisements don’t have their own site. The business without a basic website/online address is fraudulent or simply non-existent! In addition to website, rogue movers usually don’t have profiles on Facebook, Linkedin or other social media. Every licensed and reputable moving company must have a physical address and clear e-mail address. For further pro moving tips, consider making your Chicago moving preparation timeline!

Bad customer reviews and feedback

A great way to find out about rogue movers is to ask your friends, co-workers, and neighbors for recommendations and their experience. From associations such as American Moving and Storage Association, you can get a list of reliable movers, too. But, the easiest and fastest way to check if it’s about rogue movers, is reading customers’ reviews and feedback online. This way, you can read the real picture of certain movers. Therefore, you’ll see both bad and good reviews, and fraudsters will have the most negative ratings and reactions.

rogue Clinton movers
Checking moving company online reviews, feedback and comments from other users is the easiest way to recognize fraud

Frequent name switch

Only rogue Clinton movers change their name frequently. That’s how they cover their moving scams and dirty business. Check if movers have their website with transparent information in the “about us” section. Beware of companies that switch names and check their experience. Moreover, thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to check how long the moving company exists on the market under one name.

No license

First to know, every professional moving company needs to have at least these two licenses: US DOT number and MTR Number of State Household Moving Permit. Interstate movers should have a US DOT number that indicates that the moving company currently meets all requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards and regulations. MTR Number of State Household Moving Permit for moves within a state. You can easily check if a company has a valid DOT number by searching the database provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Blank moving contract

When identifying rogue Clinton movers, pay attention to the moving contract. A blank moving contract with unclear terms and conditions is a sign of fraud. The only way to avoid moving scam is to accept only a clear and transparent moving contract in writing!  And a contract must include the mover’s estimate and any extra fees (optional). Besides, there should be a description of services such as packing services, delivery dates and moving insurance as well as the inventory list. Your responsibility is to read a moving contract and check the inventory to see if something is missing before signing.

moving contract signing
Blank and unclear moving contract is a big sign of rogue Clinton movers.

No bill of lading

In addition to the moving contract, rogue Clinton movers won’t give you bill of lading. This is the most important document when it comes to moving household. It represents the record of your moving agreement with the company, and details about services, rates, dates, client name and addresses, insurance coverage, and others.

No transparent rates and extra fees

The best way for rogue movers to attract customers is through unreal prices and huge discounts. Only rogue Clinton movers will have flashing ads with amazingly low prices of their services. The moving company needs to give you a rate based on the number of hours and number of movers you’ll need. Bear in mind that it doesn’t include additional packing materials, potentially higher rates to move heavy objects, and others. And, most local movers charge by the hour, while interstate movers charge by the weight of your shipment. Besides, only the rogue mover will promise just a few hours of work or extremely low prices based on your weight of items.

woman looking at discounts
Flashing ads with unreal prices and discounts is one of the ways the rogue movers scam victims

Day laborers instead of professional movers

Most rogue Clinton movers are not the real movers. Therefore, they usually hire day laborers instead of having a professional moving crew. Day laborers didn’t have training and experience to carefully pack items, carry boxes, load the moving truck and protect your household. They can easily damage your valuables, or even worse, get away with the whole moving truck! And of course, leave you without moving insurance. Don’t save your money risking your family’s and household safety.

Moving services without moving insurance

Only a reliable moving company will offer you moving insurance. In fact, the moving company, especially interstate movers, is required to offer at least two insurance policies: released value protection and full-coverage protection. Under Released Value Protection, the mover assumes no liability over 60 cents per pound per article. That’s the most basic insurance and it’s free. Rogue movers won’t offer any kind of insurance policy.

Blank trucks

Every reputable moving company will have their business name and license numbers written on every moving truck. This is also a good way on how to spot rogue movers.This information is usually written on the cabin doors of the moving truck. Besides, the driver and employees should have t-shirts and outfits with initials of the moving company.

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